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Buyer Home Inspections

Protect Your Investment

Offering Home Inspections for Buyers in the San Antonio, TX Area

A home is one of the most expensive purchases you’ll ever make. You don’t want to be buying something that has all sorts of hidden issues—so get home inspection service from a certified home inspector. At G. I. Jones Home Inspection, we’re prepared to provide you with a professional property inspection to give you peace of mind. We offer home inspections for buyers near San Antonio, TX, and the surrounding areas; just give us a call today to learn more.

Get Your Inspection

When you work with us, we’ll give you prompt assistance and thorough inspections. We’ll walk you through our home inspection checklist, carefully going over every inch of a prospective home. The inspection report we provide can give you the confidence you need to make a purchase—or can be used as a bargaining chip during the buying process.

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Give Yourself Peace of Mind

Let Us Assist with Your Needs

Home inspections are vital for buyers. If you don’t get one, then you could end up making a purchase that you’ll regret. Allow us to provide you with the service you deserve; if you’re near San Antonio, TX, then consider calling today to learn more.

Learn More About Our Inspection Services

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Seller Home Inspections

Find and fix issues before listing your home for sale.

home buyers with real estate agent looking in home san antonio tx
Buyer Home Inspections

Get an inspection and give yourself peace of mind today.

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Phase Inspections

Make sure that your home’s being built right by calling us.